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Because of space restrictions, the following are images which were regrettably not included in the book CHARLES PRATT of Belmont Common.

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of Belmont Common

Charles 1909 on a cycle trip with brother Percy from Nelson N.Z. to the west coast.
Charles C1912 with his Bradbury motorcycle with brother Frank on pillion at their home in Ngaio, Wellington, N.Z.
Gallipoli 1915. Photo caption says
"My dugout near Hill 60."
Charles (left) with troopers of the Light Horse in Egypt.
WW1 C1916 Palestine encampment of the New Zealand and Australian Light Horse.
C1917. Charles in Egypt dressed as Charlie Chaplin on a Phelan & Moore "Panther" motorcycle.
1918. Ismaila Egypt. Fatal training accident to an Armstrong Whitworth FK8 machine. Photo taken by Charles.
1919 Luxor Egypt. Photo taken by Charles during a trip down the Nile whilst awaiting repatriation home.

Charles and his mother in May 1920 before a flight in his DH.6 machine.

Avro 504 seen here barnstorming in 1921 prior to registration. Possibly at Warrnambool racecourse

C1922. The new fuselage of one of the two wrecked DH.6 machines which were completely rebuilt at The Gordon College in Geelong. Seen here in the hangar at Belmont Common.
Charles with the rebuilt DH.6 machine C1923.
C1923 at Belmont Common. Charles at left with Howard Morris, Howard Jolley, the insurance salesman who operated throughout the country using charter flights for publicity. He survived twelve crashes during the 1920s only to be killed when his plane hit a flagpole only yards from his home on Sydney Harbour in 1930.
Frank Pratt at right.
E.J. De Henzell, Harry Ibbitson (his son-in-law) with Charles prior to a flight C1923.
DH.37 machine imported by the Dept. of Civil Aviation and assembled by the Pratt AMSCo organisation at Belmont Common.
Percy Pratt at right supervising.
DH.53 Hummingbird machines assembled by Percy Pratt (AMSCo) at Belmont Common in 1923.
1925 American fleet visit Melbourne.
Vought seaplane from the USS OKLAHOMA. This battleship was one of those bombed and sunk by the Japanese with heavy loss of life at Pearl Harbour at the beginning of WW2. Image taken by Charles Pratt.

1925. Charles in his RAAF uniform as a reservist prior to flying to Point Cook base to participate in an annual refresher course. He would have been one of very few who could fly their own plane there to participate.
1926. "Silver Wings", the homebuilt machine of George Mackenzie being spun up before a flight at Belmont Common.

1928. The WW1 Bristol Fighter (Tourer) after assembly on the beach at Port Morseby. This machine was extensively flown by Charles who flew it across the Owen Stanley Range to Lae after flying it fully laden from the beach. It was then used to service the Bulolo goldfields.

Bristol Fighter (Tourer) and DH.9 machines on Ela Beach prior to flying to Lae.
1928. Papua New Guinea. Charles with two local gentlemen.

1929 Baandee W.A. crash site after most of the wreckage of the Gipsy Moth had been removed showing the dead tree into which Charles Pratt and James Guthrie flew.

1929. Charles photo of the Kellerberrin W.A. Hospital where Charles and James Guthrie were treated after their crash at Baandee.
Alf and Frank Pratt at Ngiao N.Z. with Doreen in 1931.

Napier earthquake visit 1931.

1935. Charles sister Rhoda Jones on a walk with Charles from Ngaio to Karori in Wellington N.Z. to visit family graves in the Karori cemetery.
1935 Overlooking Ngaio towards Khandallah N.Z.
Grave of little Myrtle Pratt at Karori cemetery, New Zealand, tragically killed in 1901 when the family trap overturned.
Frank Pratt riding his BMW racing machine. This was one of few built prior to WW2 and quite rare. This machine is now on display in the Munich BMW Museum.

At the outbreak of WW2 Percy Pratt initiated the Australian Air League to educate youths who were interested in later joining the RAAF.

This was later taken over by the official Air Training Corps.

Seen here at Belmont Common in 1940.

Charles with sister Bea at her home at Donald Street Whangarei N.Z. At this time she was a dressmaker.
C1955 N.Z. The Pratt sisters, Rhoda and Bea with families.

Jack Bernard Inder, a nephew of the Pratt brothers, a keen flyer, seen here in New Zealand with his Turbulent machine.